Simple Moments v. III

    The heaviness of life can sometimes feel like you are being crushed.  We were reading about the water strider in science this week.  The author of the book was pointing out the delicate balance this insect has with the water he lands on.  His delicate body possesses just the right amount of weight to stay ...

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  • Search for the Joy

    The last few days, the kids and I have been focusing on life-giving activities to find joy in the heaviness that can come with life. We’ve made lemonade from our lemon tree, grain-free waffles, cut our roses and kumquats to place around the house, planted seeds, read books in the garden, and sat and watched ...

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    Lavender and Vanilla Sugar Scrub

    One of the best things about Southern California is our ability to grow ALL YEAR.  When the sun is shining bright in the middle of everyone’s typical Winter cozy time, I remind myself that my tomatoes are still red.  Lavender is an easy-going plant that doesn’t demand very much water.  It’s perfect for the desert ...

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  • simplemoments8

    Simple Moments v. 1

    You guys probably don’t know this about me, but I was a ridiculously devoted scrapbooker for many many years.  I started in 6th grade.  Growing up, I worked as a janitor and my first major purchase was a film camera.  It cost me $254, if I’m remembering correctly.  I spent a lot of what I ...

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  • new-7 copy

    Chicken Coop Update: We Have Walls!

    Ed has been working so hard on this chicken coop!  Check out my first post here about this amazing news!  We are still gathering and soaking in as much information as possible.  Over the last few Saturdays, Ed dug trenches (with a little help from those hard-working guys outside of Home Depot), installed framing, cement ...

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  • chickens

    A Golden Afternoon Farm

    We are so excited to be expanding our little backyard “farm”!!  For a solid 3 years, I’ve read, thought, prayed, researched, and dreamt of owning chickens.  The time has not been right in our lives until recently.  I see now why previous years would not have been good.  To take a venture like this, the ...

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  • succulentteacup

    Make: A Succulent Teacup Planter

      Last year after Christmas, I told myself to find something simple yet wonderful to make for my friends the next year.  I get caught up in so many projects and commitments, sometimes I end up leaving less room for the fun handmade Christmas presents I love so much.  My schedule has changed a lot the ...

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  • gazpacho

    Tomato Gazpacho with Pickled Onions and Parsley Oil

    Isn’t it great how some of the most enjoyable foods are the simplest?  A scrumptious garden tomato with a simple sprinkling of salt is a delicious gift. So simple. I made my case for peaches being one of the greatest foods of summer, but tomatoes are right up there too.  The kids and I had an opportunity this past ...

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  • blackberry3

    Our Little Summertime Gift

       Sweet Summer. I love you for your refreshing breezes. Your warmth brings new life to my very favorite foods. Berries are one of your specialties. You do them WELL. We are enjoying our summer days.  We’ve had a few changes around here.  A few weeks ago we got our very first foster care placement.  It’s true!!  We’ve been so thrilled ...

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  • lavenderstrawberry

    Summer In A Jar: Lavender Strawberry Jam

    It’s the last day of school. Let me say that again. IT’S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! While I love EVERY bit of teaching my kids, every teacher needs a break at some point, right? It’s summertime.  Can you believe it? Here in San Diego, God has been showering my garden with sunshine-y goodness and I’ve been soaking it all ...

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