How to Watch Downton Abbey Season 5 episodes in the U.S./America/UK!

watchdowntonabbeyseason5inusTHIS METHOD WORKED FOR SEASON 4!!!

Hi Downton Abbey Fans!

Season 5 is almost here!

I know everyone is excited about the new season (hopefully) starting September 21, 2014 at 9pm in the UK! Hopefully this season is filled with less sadness, no death, and lots of romance!

Thanks so much for sticking with me these last few years for season 3 and season 4.   I have already been receiving SO many emails and messages from you guys anticipating Season 5.  For each of these seasons, I have done no more than provide a place where you can find all of the links in one location.  The videos are not hosted by my blog and I have no control over them.  I am happy to help with whatever I can.  I plan to post the links again on my facebook page as well as some Downton inspired recipes and cocktails on Instagram!

ANYWAY, you guys really just want to know how to watch, right?

**PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient with each option.  Not every option will work for every person simply because of your specific computer/setup.  Try each option more than once until you find one that works!  Please test the Tunnelbear option before Downton premiere Day**

How to watch in the U.S. (5 options!):

Option 1:

This option includes any extra videos and behind the scenes option on ITV!

Here’s what you need to do to get Downton Abbey to play on your PC:

1. Download Tunnel Bear here for free. You will need to pay the $4.99/month to get enough data for the season unless you follow their system of tweeting for more free data storage .  No biggie in the long run to pay for a few months! Tunnel Bear is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is changing your IP address to reflect that of the UK.  Think of it as a giant antenna that reaches across the globe.  Technology is amazing, right?

2. Confirm Tunnel Bear by e-mail.

3. Once you are signed in to Tunnel Bear, turn the knob you see to “on”.  It will say “connected”.

4. Now, set the country option to “United Kingdom”.  Your computer will now be compatible with the region showing Downton Abbey. Yay!

5. Go to

You’ll need a postal code to access the ITV player on the website. I used the code “HP5 2US”  Use any of the ones on this list.  If one doesn’t work, try another.

6.  To watch the shows that have already aired Season 5 episodes, go to the ITV website’s Downton Abbey page:

To watch the show live as it airs in the UK at 1pm Pacific Standard Time, go here to watch the live streaming ITV player:

6. Make sure you turn Tunnel Bear to “off” when not watching Downton as you want your computer to know which country it is really in. :)

7.  Hopefully, you’re smiling and watching Downton!  If not, “like” and check my facebook page here for loads of questions answered, as well as the comments below.

Option 2:

Watch by clicking below in the questionably legal way click here from Watch TV Series.  When you click the link, don’t click the play triangle in the middle of the player screen. Simply close the “x” symbol and click the play button on the bottom of the player, right below the window you view the show in. If it’s asking you to set up an account, close the window and start over (you’ve clicked through to an ad). Enjoy and please SHARE!:


Option 3:

Some previous links are/will be available from the ITV website but you obviously have to have the ability to watch the player using options 1 or 2 above or clicking here:

Downton Abbey  iTV Player

Option 4:

Download this ITV player automator here.  I tried it and it worked.

In the meantime…

Get excited!

Support your local PBS station here in the U.S. who provides shows like Downton.

Share your favorite characters and scenes in the comments below!! What’s going to happen?!

Amazon has all three previous seasons on Instant Video so catch up on Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4 here.

Watch the trailer for Season 5 here.

Check out this post sharing some new characters for this season!

If you decide to wait for the PBS U.S. air date, have fun waiting until:

January 4th, 2015 !!! Crazy!

For more of my own Downton Abbey-era blog posts, read below!  See you back soon!  Sorry for the excessive exclamation marks. I’m excited.


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Make: Upcycled & Personalized Glass Water Bottle


agoldenafternoon-2I am always a fan of a practical project that replaces an expensive purchase.  Everyone loves to save some money, right?  Since we switched completely over to glass storage from plastic a while back, I immediately got slammed with the price-tag of the fancy glass water bottles.  Don’t get me wrong, I really really love our fancy glass water bottles.  They are pretty and useful.  However, I have only brought myself to buy one for each of us because they are $25-$30!!!  So, naturally, I decided to make my own.  The kids have taken them to soccer practice, in the car, and anywhere else you would take a plastic water bottle…without the waste.

You will need:

  • glass water bottle(s) (I upcycled old kombucha bottles)
  • permanent vinyl adhesive ( I got mine here)

agoldenafternoon-6Choose your vinyl sheet color and arrange it on the Cricut mat as shown above.  Load the file from my project in the Cricut design space or create your own text. For the “drink me” bottle, I chose the size of 5 and the “courier new” font in the design space.  I positioned the text starting at the 1 inch mark from the top and side markings.  Hit “GO”.  Position the “light” cutting mat in your explore and hold it level until it loads (If you don’t hold the mat level, it won’t load correctly and will cut part of your mat).  Follow the rest of the instructions until your project is cut. Now, cut off the part of your vinyl sheet that has the text, saving the remainder for another project.  Carefully place the letters along the length of the glass bottle.  You can adhere a straight piece of vinyl or use a piece of paper to line your letters up more evenly. Done!

So easy you could make it right now! ;)  You will want to make 10 and it makes sense as long a you have the vinyl and your Cricut is fired up!  Share with friends, make them for your kid’s practices or team, or anything else you think up!

Obligatory disclaimer:  I am participating in a Cricut Design Challenge.  All project ideas and opinions are all MINE!  Thanks for for supporting my endeavors.


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Back to School Style: Tea Collection

agoldenafternoon-35Fall loves to wave its little arms at us, waiting for us to finally walk up and enjoy what it has to offer.  We love Summer and cling to all of its sunshine-y bits of watermelon and pool time.  Alas, here we are again, getting ready for school.  It feels good to see some organization on the horizon and with that comes newness.  New routine.  New plans.  New clothes!  I usually use Fall as a time to stock up on what I’ll need for the next 6 months.  For me, that definitely includes SOCKS and also a shipment from my favorite kid’s clothing company, Tea Collection!

Before Tea and I started partnering together, I was already a customer.  I like to make that really clear to friends and readers because it’s important to me.  No matter what you may see other websites doing, I’ve always made it a point to only partner with companies I already love or would shop from, handmade businesses, or companies who stand for things that are important to myself and the bigger world out there.  I get sponsorship offers regularly and I rarely said yes.  I say this all so that you guys know I only recommend that which I would use myself.  As it should be, right?

I LOVE this company as seen here, here, here, and here.  My kids are an accidental Tea commercial.

My favorite things about their clothes:

  • EASY to mix and match pieces.  Kids can dress themselves!
  • soft cotton that doesn’t wear down after a few washes (No thanks, Target)
  • durable boy’s pants.  I have 2 pairs that have officially gone a year without holes in the knees.  Now that i think about it, I have yet to have any of their boy’s pants get holes in the knees. (!!!)
  • fun and inspiring prints that I love looking at everyday.  The latest collection is designed after Germany’s Bauhaus movement.  Love!
  • age appropriate girl’s dresses that don’t have plunging necklines
  • durable leggings for girls.  Target may have them cheaper, but literally…they are cheaper in the falling apart way too!
  • BEST shoe options have included the awesome Tiger, Saltwater, and Vans.  Keep your eye out for sales!  My boys have the Tiger shoes and I love the style!
  • They sell Hershel backpacks which my kids use to carry our nature guides and snacks for hiking days.

I can’t recommend these clothes enough!  Beyond the clothes, Tea’s owner and founder is a lovely and graceful woman who finds inspiration around the globe for Tea’s prints and styles.  She had a fabulous vision for her company that she followed through on.  Now, you can spot a Tea wrap style dress walking down the street and know who had that vision for our little ones.  Thank you, Emily!

My kids love helping to choose their clothes and take more ownership over getting dressed on time when they do! Totally goes with the “Be bold. Be you.” philosophy of Tea!

Here is what my kids picked out from the newest Bauhaus Shop (which includes lots of chambray, BTW):

For Faith…

Lyrical Shape Dress

Alster Floral Skirted Dress

Clotilde Chambray Vest

Skinny Minny Ponte Pants (color coal)

For the Boys..

Weimar Plaid Shirt

Klaus Raglan Sleeve Henley (color Med Heather Gray)

Ostsee Chambray Shirt

Slim Twill Cargo Pants (colors forest and woodland)

Lukas Pullover Sweatshirt  (color indigo)

Take my advice as a Mom and CHECK OUT their SALE!!!

agoldenafternoon-31agoldenafternoon-10agoldenafternoon-17agoldenafternoon-2-2agoldenafternoon-16agoldenafternoon-20agoldenafternoon-19agoldenafternoon-21agoldenafternoon-25agoldenafternoonagoldenafternoon-4agoldenafternoon-5It’s gonna be a great school-year!  This summer has brought much needed rest and recuperation.  I’m excited to become their teacher again, even though that job never really stops, does it? ;)

I am so thankful to Tea for sponsoring this post, although all of these enthusiastic opinions are my own.


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Simple Moments v. 1

simplemoments13You guys probably don’t know this about me, but I was a ridiculously devoted scrapbooker for many many years.  I started in 6th grade.  Growing up, I worked as a janitor and my first major purchase was a film camera.  It cost me $254, if I’m remembering correctly.  I spent a lot of what I earned on developing film and I don’t regret it for a second.  Eventually, I was indeed that crazy person who would spend an entire hour on 1 page.  Wow, if I could go back and tell myself to find a better use for my time!  Obviously, I had to learn the hard way.  Fast forward to marriage and a new baby.  By the time Faith was crawling, I realized that this hobby and I were breaking up.  I was frustrated that I seemed to have the only baby who cried all day.  Why couldn’t she just let me work on HER baby book?  Distraction was in full force as I tried to wrongfully twist my calling and season of that time.  So funny to see how God weaves his plans and lessons in our life. We all know the crazy motivated little girl she is today!

I COMPLETELY see why I had my little Faith before an easier child.  God was molding me and showing me the things that weren’t necessary in my life so I could eventually understand how to drink those moments in, not just journal, cut, paste, and embellish them to pieces.  For me, it had become a part of my life that didn’t belong in that season of difficulty. So, I switched fully to a website I had started in 2002, before she was born. This continued for many years, even when I had Jack and Dean.  Then I realized my (little!) spare time was getting zapped again.  3 kids that were 4 and under.  WEBSITE OVER.  I may not have been working on that website during the day, but I needed that rest of the mind and soul at night and I didn’t even know it.  The season was missed again.

Fast forward, I start this particular blog in 2010 as a way to connect with friends and family far away who wanted recipes and tutorials.  My husband traveled all the time so I had a lot of evenings at home while the kids were sleeping.  We had left the church I grew up in, following years of growing apart in our understanding of God’s grace and our view of His love towards more than those who have their names in a member book.  We were rejected by friends in the process and carried from that place a further conviction that God’s love looks a whole lot different than we had experienced, up until that point.  His arms are wide and open.  I felt alone but hopefully for what was over the next hilltop.  In this season, instead of sharing about my kids, I wanted to offer up the things I was learning and experiencing.  This space has been more about sharing skills, information, and travel…something I LOVE doing and it has been very healing.  After that stretch of time, my husband traveled less, I had made a new group of friends and I wanted to just be with him and these ladies, sharing laughter and tears as we went.  It has been a lovely season and I’m so thankful for the hurt that has finally been removed from my heart through truth spoken in these friendships.  I’m finally starting to understand this “season” thing!

This new season is upon me where those babies aren’t crawling around (oh, how I miss it!), nobody is potty training or needs their bottom wiped, and my kids have even learned to play with each other (something I never thought would ever happen).  Change within ourselves is good and I’ve learned that even though I wanted to start something and do it exactly the same for each child for 20 years, that didn’t happen.  It took some time, but I’m OK with how God worked it out.

There will still be recipes and loads of things that are inspiring me.  It’s been a joy to have met some of you lovely readers in person and hear what you’ve made and tried from my site.  In my soul, I just feel that you, like me, don’t have time.  We don’t have time to read tons of blogs and live our life in the way we should.  If you read my blog in any sort of regular sense, I am truly honored.  Only a few blogs appear on my screen for soaking in every week.  The rest of my online stops are quick ones for recipes or how-tos, as it should be.  Anything more would be a distraction from the fullness of life out there waiting for me to grasp and devotion to the people who need my full attention!  God needs my eyes in a certain direction and I don’t want to miss his nudges.

All of this to say, see the season you are in for what it is…a season.  Tomorrow you might find yourself in a new place.

For myself alone, I wanted to start keeping more of a journal of our memories, experiences, and recipes.  I take pictures with my camera ALL THE TIME, but don’t have time to blog the “how-to” for everything. ;) I don’t know how often or for long I’ll do this, but I’m OK with that!  I don’t want to miss the season again!  I hope you enjoy soaking in these moments during your week.

Some simple moments I want to remember this week:

// Jack asked me to take a picture of him because Grandma wants a close picture of him.  She told him my pictures are too far away and she can’t see his face.  Here, Grandma ;) //

// We harvested all of our Thompson seedless last week because japanese beetles were on the attack.  Turns out that our insect book says the main things they eat are grapes.  Good to know.  I also made a fizzy frozen grape and lime drink I posted on IG here. //

// The pool is in full swing and we had people her every day last week!  Fun to see our friends so often. //

// After several months of no garden because the chickens had eaten it, dirt had been gradually added back in and the garden is reborn.  Thanks to my husband for lending his muscles. //

// Roast 4 pounds of tomatoes, 1 thickly chopped red onion, a head of garlic, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of oil on 425 for an hour.  Blend and use as pizza sauce, squeezing the roasted garlic from it’s casing before you blend.  It’s the best pizza sauce I’ve ever had.  You can thank me later. //

// Obsession with this heirloom tomato, Humbolt Fog, and vinaigrette salad continues.  I posted the dressing recipe on IG here. //

// Faith made risotto (Recipe coming soon!) for the first…and second time last week.  Super proud of her growth and I’m thinking she will be a way better cook than me before she’s a teenager. Yikes. //

// We made quick pickles inspired by “Little Bunny Follows His Nose”.  You can find the recipe on Paging Supermom here. //

// My Dad gave me some figs from one of my parent’s neighbors.  I gladly accepted and made figs poached in honey syrup.  I think a jar will be marrying some super ripe blue cheese soon. //

// Last week, my husband was working in Vegas so I decided to turn the house upside-down and reorganize…everything.  He has come to expect changes after his long trips and OBVIOUSLY I didn’t want to let him down.  I went through lots and lots of stuff and got rid of things that I thought I had already gotten rid of. //

// Every time we have an outdoor movie, we wonder why we don’t do it more often.  This time we watched “National Velvet” because Faith had just finished the book.  Her love of horses has fired up again.  I caught her reading a book on horsemanship.  I expect mention of horseback riding any second. //

I realize that I post a lot of pictures of food.  I’m sorry.  Well, maybe I’m not.



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Books Alive & Quick Dill Pickles

quickpickleYou can find me over on Paging Supermom today!  I’m sharing my quick pickle recipe, inspired by my favorite children’s story!  Jump over there and let me know what you think!

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