Loving now: chevrons

 I finally finished my pillows…


“Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done,

and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal”

Elbert Hubbard

I’ll be back…

I’ve just been working on some personal improvement here. I was blessed enough to get a spot…eek. It has been a dream of mine to focus on my photography…I’m excited.  Plus, it will make my husbands trips go faster I hope.

I love Ashley for her sweet pictures, awesome projects, magnetic personality, and consistent faith.

I was even more excited about this snap-shop when I learned the day the class opened that it would be funding their adoption entirely and another families’ as well.  It was a secret and brought tears to my eyes to find out that day.  How awesome is that?

A special dinner guest…

Sometimes, we let pirates come to dinner…as long as they bring their manners.

Cocktail: Elderflower + Limoncello

We are gearing up for school around here.  I have been slowly cleaning out every area of my house to get a fresh start.  I don’t want anything hanging over my head when I start teaching my baby-girl mid-August.  I know I will have less time for projects and for doing my crazy organizing of thing constantly, but I’m excited!  I am learning from myself in the past and getting a jump on it now.  I know we will have a blast and now that I’m mostly done with my lessons plans, I’m not quite sure why kids go to school for 8 hours.  This was one of those things that bothered me during the school year when I sent my baby girl to school for the whole day and only saw her for a few hours.  Even in those few hours, she was exhausted.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading about Charlotte Mason’s methods over the last few years and am really pumped to open up the eyes of  my wee ones to the wonders of God in every day life…math and writing included!  I’m even more pumped that they aren’t confined to a desk and they can learn the way they were meant to…through experience.  Plus, they can learn the ay that is best for just them and not the way an entire class full of kids does.  Hooray!

Today, I went on a date with my sweet girl to get her school supplies!  I love walking into Target and seeing the organized rows of supplies.  Huge breath in…and…enjoy (think Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail” about her “bouquet of sharpened pencils”).  I just love Target in the Fall…er…summer (thank you year-round schools!).   It made me think of how much I loved getting my annual see-through binder to then later stuff with pictures/stuff and my row of Ticonderoga pencils.  My mom was reminding me of my Hello Kitty trashcan I used to have on my desk in elementary school.  Awesome.  I saw a little red metal one and I REALLY wanted it.  Would that be weird?

Either way, I made a summer drink to keep your summer going…ready for school?

This drink is a perfect summer drink because it’s super simple to mix up for friends and uses white wine which is usually always open, right?

Elderflower Refresher

(adapted from Mix Shake Stir)

3 oz white wine

1 oz Elderflower Liqueur

1 oz limoncello

soda water to fill glass


mint for garnish

Add all ingredients to glass of ice and add mint.

Sit down, turn some awesome music on, and enjoy whoever is next to you.

Comic-Con Craze 2011

Last weekend we met up with some buddies at Comic-Con.  This is the kind of day you have to plan for a year in advance normally.  People wait in line in 2011 for 2012 tickets, but I got ours by pressing the refresh button 797 times for some tickets they released in February.  Craziness!  I never understood why there was such a draw until now.  It is truly a place where odd things are normal.  It felt very much like Alice in Wonderland because things/people would walk by as if they were normal when really they were dressed like Darth Vader or a giant piece of bacon, just as Alice saw things that were the opposite of the norm in Wonderland.  It may sound weird but for these people, this is the one day where the can be in a place and not be judged for being odd, but embraced.  It’s pretty cool.

We also got to enjoy some food from our food truck friends.  I was bummed MIHO gastrotruck was doing a private event.  Oh well.  I had a lobster grilled cheese sandwich (Devilicious) and a lobster club (Chop Soo-ey).  My husband had a breakfast burger with an egg, bacon, and waffle fry on top and some waffle fries with blue cheese.  My friend had the veggie burger on the bottom with the pink beet sauce  (The Green Truck…just found out this is a chain truck with trucks in LA and NY).

Such devotion to spend this much time on a costume.  I saw them posing for pictures the whole day.

Halo “people” were in full force.  The guy with the cell phone even had a cool compartment in his arm in which to slide his cell phone, that snapped closed after.

I love the top left photo because it really shows how everyone gets their chance to be normal there at Comic-Con.  So sweet.  I also enjoyed watching the man with the yellow gloves hold his coffee and a ferret whilst trying to take a photo of a cool t-shirt.

“The Walking Dead” had an interesting set-up with bloody zombies trying to get this guy.  I guess it’s a scene from the show.  There was a giant neuralizer from MIB.

We saw a few famous people.  Anna Paquin from True Blood and originally was the youngest to win an Oscar at age 11 for “The Piano”.  Megan Mullally with Malin Akerman (bottom left).  I would have a had a photo of the rare Chewbacca, who apparently lives locally here in San Diego, but my husband’s head was in the way…erg.  I wonder what brand of hair product he prefers…looks soft.

Her we have the cast from “Children’s Hospital” come down while the cast of “True Blood” goes up.

The Lego exhibit.  My kids would have loved to play here but they probably would have gotten lost with the crowds at some point.

Next year I will be sure to remember to bring my Star Wars trophy and my Captain America shield.  Bummer.

One of my favorite things of the day.  The men with their giant gift bags.  I wish I had focused it properly.  Oh well.

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