Cinnamon Whiskey Sour


The whiskey sour is my favorite drink right now.  I love the way the egg whites bring a touch of stability to the always battling sweet and sour elements of a cocktail.  Whiskey sours are also very fun to play around with as you can try so many different flavors in the simple syrup.  For this drink I went with cinnamon.  I had this combo at Craft & Commerce (our best restaurant/bar for cocktails in San Diego) and I fell in love immediately.  It brings a little bit of holiday spirit but can totally be served any time of the year.  Plus, cinnamon is a wonderful health aid…so…bonus points!!!

For those who are wondering about the raw egg white, don’t worry.  If you get your eggs from a local farm who is taking care of their chickens the way they should, raw egg whites are totally fine.  If you are super nervous about this idea and still want to try the drink, then you can buy pasteurized egg whites at whole foods if you have no other options and NEED to have whiskey sours in your life.  I would still recommend that you look into fresh eggs anyway, for the sake of your overall health.  Did you know that America is one of the few countries who refrigerate their eggs?  That’s kind of a scary thought when you beg the question why.  Something to ponder…

Local Hint: San Diego, you can find amazing pasture-raised chicken eggs from farms like Spur Valley Ranch.  Doesn’t get much better than them unless you are raising chickens yourself! ;)  Check here for market availability.

Cinnamon Whiskey Sour:

2 ounces rye whiskey (preferably Bulleit or your favorite small batch)

3/4 ounces freshly squeezed lemon juice

3/4 ounce cinnamon simple syrup (recipe below)

1 egg white

a few dashes of bitters

For the syrup: Combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and 1 Tablespoon cinnamon bark in a small pan. Cook over medium heat until boiling and the sugar is dissolved.  The cinnamon bark from Ceylon cinnamon, as opposed to Cassia, is what you’re looking for.  Ceylon is known as the “true” cinnamon that was bartered and traded so long ago in the days of Marco Polo and beyond.  Obviously, you can make a syrup with a cinnamon stick but I threw that little bit in there in case you are the type of person who wants to know such things and make the best cinnamon syrup possible. ;)

For the drink: Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and add all of the ingredients besides the bitters.  Shake for at least a minute so that the egg white can get a nice foam in the shaker.  Pour into a glass without ice and throw a few dashes of bitters on top.  If you find the drink to be too sweet, try substituting all or half of the lemon juice for lime juice.  Enjoy!



Best way to separate the white from the yolk is with your hands!




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Teacup Gift Card Holder


Christmas Lists…

They excite us and they stress us out.  Gift giving has become expected instead of spontaneous.  How do we simplify our gift giving at Christmas but still show our love and thoughtfulness to friends and family?

Whether you make your entire gift by hand or purchase it from the store, it’s always nice to have a thoughtful touch to your gift or gift card. Here are some of my favorite ways to bring a personal touch to gifts:

  • Live greenery brings the feeling of freshness and relaxation that can be found for FREE from your yard, someone else’s, or purchased from a store.
  • Create handmade tags using supplies from home.  Old book pages, maps, old postcards, or vintage wrapping paper can be salvaged from your craft closet or even someone else’s!
  • Include an item that is either your favorite, their favorite, or just something that recalls a memory or joke between the two of you.
  • Gather items that create an experience or tell a story.  This tea-cup, tea, local honey, and gift card communicate a relaxing afternoon for a friend, loved one, or just a Mom you know who needs a BREAK! It shows care and attentiveness.  Why not throw in some babysitting which will cost you only your time.  Perfect for any budget, people! ;)


For the tags in this post, I used plain tags found here or use some more fun colored ones from We Love Citrus here. I attached greenery using mini-clothespins from We Love Citrus found here.

For the honey bears, I added my own favorite local honey from Mikolich into the CUTEST mini honey bear containers you can find here.  I can’t even stand how cute they are!

For the tea, I added my favorite local decaf Earl Grey tea into plain cloth bags you can find here.  I stamped them with a fabric-safe ink.  Cute, right?

For the final and biggest touch, I added a gift card that I got to the tea-cup.  Some of my go-tos are iTunes, REI, and Target.  All of the small items pictured make that gift card so much for meaningful, don’t you think?!


DSC_5420 copy


DSC_5429 copy

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For writing this post, I received compensation.  However, the opinions expressed are my own and I was totally thrilled to write it and share my ideas and thoughts on how to make your holiday easier.

30 Favorite Things Giveaway!

giveaway2 copy

Friends, you have no idea how excited I am to give away 30 of my favorite things to one of you!  Have you ever wanted to get a giant box of amazing gifts in the mail that you didn’t pay for?  You can rip open the box and open every item however you want and whenever you want?

Yeah, me too!

That’s why, for my birthday, I thought it would be fun to give that gift to one of you guys! Plus, I’m turning the big 3-0 so I wanted to make it special and fun considering I’m not super excited about heading out of my 20s.  Next thing I know it, I’ll be 39 and almost 40!  Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but time has been rushing by whether I like it or not.

Does that potential gift sound ok?

I thought so.

Starting tomorrow…for the next two weeks…until my birthday on October 31st…I will be sharing 30 of my favorite things that I will give away to 1 person!!! So excited!!!

What’s included in this box worth 100’s of dollars!!:

1. Gift Cards to my favorite stores!!

2. My own handmade items!

3. My favorite foods!

4. Art!

5. Vintage items!

6. Great kitchen items!

7. Fun coupon codes from some of my favorite handmade businesses, as well as an amazing clothing store!

And MUCH MUCH more!!  (couldn’t resist the dramatic radio commercial sounding end)

Watch out for a post tomorrow about how you can enter and for a very special first item I’m giving away!!

Go to the links below to stay in the loop!  Don’t miss out!  I’m SOOOOO excited!


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Fundraising with Tea Collection!

teaschool2(Faith with her attempt at making caramel apples in of her favorite Tea Collection dresses!  She always wears this dress first, straight out of the laundry ;))

How is Fall here already?

Well, in San Diego it will be Summer for another 2 months as far as the weather is concerned.  September is usually our hottest month of the year and October trails along in the same manner, leaving us locals longing to wear sweaters in the Fall.  A week or so ago, we ventured into the local mountains to snag some of the apples before they were gone.  Last year we missed them by a few days.  So, up we traveled with tank tops and flip-flops, with the sun on our shoulders, to pick apples and pretend it’s Fall.  This week Faith and a friend we have visiting attempted the very difficult task of making caramel.  Didn’t quite work but they seemed like they had fun.

For many of you, your kids have gone back to school and you are starting to switch gears to schedules, practices, school meetings, and hopefully ways you can reach out to people in need inside your community or town.

Last week, I was so excited to learn that one of my very favorite kid’s clothing companies, Tea Collection, is running their school fundraising program again!  So generous of them to give back in this way, especially considering how much we all know our teachers would love to have a little spending money to use in their classrooms to make learning that much more amazing for your littles!


Here’s how it works:

Shop for clothes between October 21st and 27th.

Select your school.

Your school gets 15%!!  Amazing, right?  So generous.

Find a list of schools here.

Don’t see your school?  You should totally sign them up (deadline September 13th)!  Schools need proactive parents like you to help in ways like this to keep a smooth system running.  Go for it!

Don’t have a school to support?

Tea is giving back to ANY non-profit with a 501(c)(3) program!  Yay!  Sign up those non-profits!

Make sure you follow Tea’s Facebook here and Instagram here for reminders. ;)

Don’t miss out on FREE money for your school when you shop at an already amazing store!

Can you tell I LOVE Tea?


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