• crangingin

    Cranberry Gin Gin Cocktail

    For those lovely people who’ve been waiting, here is the recipe! Cranberry Gin Gin Fizz •2 oz. gin (my fave is Old Grove from Ballast Point Brewing) •1 oz freshly pressed lemon juice •1 oz cranberry ginger syrup (recipe below) •Ginger beer (Fever Tree, Maine Root, or Bruce Coast. NEVER EVER use Reed’s because it will mess up the flavor!) •Rosemary ...

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  • List-Making Tips and Homemade Gin!

    I don’t know about you guys, but I keep a list of food and drinks I’m inspired to make.  I’ve used Evernote to hold my notes (thanks for sharing, Erin! ;)) for a few years now and LOVE it.  It has a login so the information can never be lost if something happens to your phone. ...

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  • DSC_0341_2-Recovered

    Grapefruit Ginger Refresher

    Bet you guys have never been to a virtual baby shower!  Well, you’re at one today!  I am so excited to join with some of my online pals, The Creative Mamas, to throw a baby shower for two expectant ladies in our group of bloggers, Lacy of Living on Love and Carla of Small & ...

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  • DSC_5717

    Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

    The whiskey sour is my favorite drink right now.  I love the way the egg whites bring a touch of stability to the always battling sweet and sour elements of a cocktail.  Whiskey sours are also very fun to play around with as you can try so many different flavors in the simple syrup.  For ...

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  • DSC_5018

    Fresh Eggnog with Almond Milk

    Cooking with kids can be a lot of work, but the memories and experience are worth it!  I have 3 kiddos.  When I cook with one of my kids, I love to engage with them one-on-one…if I can.  This is the most relaxing for me, the kiddo feels successful and important, and our recipe gets ...

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  • DSC_5391 copy

    Teacup Gift Card Holder

    Christmas Lists… They excite us and they stress us out.  Gift giving has become expected instead of spontaneous.  How do we simplify our gift giving at Christmas but still show our love and thoughtfulness to friends and family? Whether you make your entire gift by hand or purchase it from the store, it’s always nice to have ...

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  • IMG_0010

    Cinnamon Spiced Dough Ornaments

    On Instagram today, I posted this picture of us making classic Christmas cinnamon ornaments.  Did you make these when you were a kid?  I did.  I haven’t seen them around since I was a kid.  We made them at my childhood home in the 80s, at church groups around the holidays, and we saw them ...

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  • chickenstock5

    Herbed Fennel and Leek Chicken Stock

      I posted a picture on Instagram this week about some stock I was making and apparently there was quite a bit of interest in what I put in it.  Like most of my food posts, there’s usually a story… Homemade stock and I do NOT go way back.  Gasps here wouldn’t be inappropriate.  I had made ...

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  • 111

    Sweets: Nutella Heart Poptarts

    We love Nutella. We love hearts. We love pop-tarts. Now, they have been brought together as one.  It’s a good day. I’ve made Nutella pop-tarts before here, but the heart really gives it that sweet touch (sweet tasting and also sweet looking…har har). Nutella Heart Pop-tarts 1  recipe for pie crust dough or a prepared pie crust, split in 2 Nutella 1 egg, beaten crystallized ...

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  • 4

    Last Minute Valentines: DIY Garland

    This year, I got to participate in a handmade valentine swap.  Super fun, right?  It’s nice to know handmade is still alive and well in the world! For my valentine, I really didn’t have very much time.   I know that is said a lot, but things changed for us a few weeks ago.  We took ...

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