Fresh Eggnog with Almond Milk

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Cooking with kids can be a lot of work, but the memories and experience are worth it!  I have 3 kiddos.  When I cook with one of my kids, I love to engage with them one-on-one…if I can.  This is the most relaxing for me, the kiddo feels successful and important, and our recipe gets completed without any arguing…assuming the others stay out of the kitchen, which doesn’t usually happen!

The recipe in this post was made with almond milk but you could totally substitute regular milk. ;)  I made the complete switch to almond milk a year or so ago.  Before that, I drank raw milk for a while before it got too expensive and difficult to acquire without waiting out long periods of time where California was deciding how it felt about raw milk.

My littlest loves eggnog so we decided to make some together, using the most authentic eggnog style (recipe below).  I love his little hands in these pictures!  I hope I always have little hands in my kitchen on some level!

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Eggnog is made several different ways.  The most traditional way blends the egg yolks in with the milk and sugar mixture, then is combined at the end with whipped egg whites.  The eggs need to be fresh because they are consumed raw in this and most homemade eggnog.  Don’t worry too much about the warnings for raw eggs if you are getting your eggs from a local organic, free-range farm that operates properly or even above that or use eggs from your backyard chickens like we did!  You also have the choice to make this raw, cooked and cooled, or just cooked and consumed warm.  For the health fans, eggnog is supposed to be a treat so don’t be put off by the amount of maple syrup.  At least it’s a more pure sweetener, right?!

Eggnog with Almond Milk

1/2 gallon almond milk or regular whole milk

1/2 cup Grade B maple syrup

2 teaspoons fresh nutmeg, grated plus more for garnish

1 Tablespoon vanilla paste (my favorite option!) or 1 Tablespoon regular vanilla

6 super fresh eggs, yolks and whites separated

1/4-1/2 cup Bourbon (note the times in each option for when to add bourbon)

For raw eggnog:  Combine all ingredients but the egg whites and bourbon with a whisk.  Bourbon can be added at any time.  It really is an important flavor component so if you don’t desire alcohol, I suggest using the cooked method below and adding it at the beginning so the alcohol can cook off but leave the flavor.  Now, whip the egg white until stiff peaks form.  We use a hand blender around here so that the kids can whip things more easily instead of just watching a mixer!  Slowly add the whipped egg whites to the milk mixture. Serve in a punch bowl or individual cups then garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

For cooked eggnog:  Combine the milk, nutmeg, and vanilla paste in a saucepan.  Bourbon can be added at any time.  It really is an important flavor component so if you don’t desire alcohol, add it at the beginning so the alcohol can cook off but leave the flavor.  If you desire a spiked eggnog, add the bourbon after the end product is removed from the heat or just go for the raw option above.  Cook the mixture until it’s hot to the touch.  Almond milk doesn’t burn like regular milk and doesn’t need to be stirred as often.  So, stir the regular milk more often if you’re using it.  Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, beat the maple syrup and yolks until they are light in color. Combine the egg yolk mixture with 1 cup of the milk mixture to “temper” the eggs or neutralize the heat so the yolks don’t cook in the super hot mixture, then add the rest of the milk mixture.  If for some reason you find yolk, just strain before you serve it and try again next time.  Heat the milk/yolk mixture until it’s hot.  Remove from the heat.  While it’s cooling, whip the egg whites until stiff peaks are formed (we use a hand blender for easy whipping), then add them to the milk/yolk mixture.  Serve in a punch bowl or individual cups, then garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Does anyone else collect these vintage santa mugs?!  Love them!

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