“You Got Served” Style Challenge from DineXDesign



Recently, my friend Kristin came down from L.A. for a quick visit, along with her overflowing box of mysterious props and delightful stylish pieces.  She started this fun challenge on her blog, DineXDesign, called “You Got Served”, which involves her showing up at your door with a box of styling pieces she pre-selected for you to play with.  In each challenge series, the same box and items are given to a few different people.  It’s fun to see the way each person styles the same items differently!  Kristin says she can often predict which items people will use, based completely on their gravitation toward things natural, like wood, or in other cases, toward statement pieces that are bright and bold

I was nervous to be a stylist for the day, as I mostly throw together and photograph our meals as they are happening in real time.  Kristin was kind enough to interview me about my style in the home, which you can read HERE.  I share which pieces I’ve got my eye on right now! You’ll also find some shots of me in my kitchen with my best concentration face.  She says SO many nice things about me that I don’t feel I deserve! (thanks for the sweet words, K! ;)).  Once you answer questions that force you to define yourself, you realize you have more intentionality in your creative process than you were aware.  Go to Kristen’s lovely and super-stylish blog, DineXDesign, to be inspired by her keen eye for design and ability to bring together things that make your soul sing with delight.  She’s a pretty great lady and I’m happy to know her in real life. ;)


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