Owl cupcakes to celebrate 1 year!


Craziness!  It’s already been a year! 

The official time I started my blog was actually back in August of 2010, but I wanted to get things just right on the design end before posting.  It’s kind-of a joke when I think of it now because it was FAR from nice and my posts were pretty sad-looking.  I knew they were not awesome, but you have to start somewhere, right?  I did like my first real banner above, though.  I kind-of miss it.

It’s been a great year for this little space.  I started my first month of viewers with just a few of my closest buddies and some obliging family members.  Now, I am astonished at grateful at having over 15,000 people visiting in just a single month!!  Wow, people!  There must be something just a teeny tiny bit likeable goin’ on here.


In honor of this special day, I am sharing a cupcake with you all.  Yeah, I kinda thought you would like it too.  My sister actually made these back in April for my Miss F’s birthday I just totally forgot to post them.  I guess it was meant to be.  I saw them on Pinterest and asked my sister to make them and since she’s awesome, she said yes.


I used my neighbor’s freshly cut olive wood firewood for their little perching area.

Thanks for your support and for hanging out with me in this little space.

The community here means a LOT to me.

Thank You, friends!

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