Kids + pizza

Kids love pizza.  This is no secret.  What kids love more than pizza is their own personal pizza.   They can have something and make it all theirs.  You can learn a lot about a kid by what they put on their pizza.

2-year-old fingers can’t resist poking dough.

In my experience, when kids touch and help make their food (and grow it!), they are more likely to eat it.  I also think it helps them form good habits of cooking, which will hopefully stay with them when they need to feed themselves.

Our go-to toppings:




red onions



grilled chicken




roasted garlic

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a tomato sauce fan, but i think the garlic with olive oil brings this one home for the team.

Pizza Dough:

Use Alton Brown’s recipe found here.  I like it because everything is in the bowl at the same time which is easy enough for everyone.  I use 1/2 T salt instead of the full T.   You can get away with letting it rise for a few hours or try it the full amount of time he states if you want the best results.  I make it an hour before….all.the.time.


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