$3 wreath. True story.

SO, Miss F and I were looking for a quick project one day.  I had just bought these wreaths for $3 at Joanns.  I knew I wanted to make a banner because banners are awesome.  I make a banner every few weeks for all sorts of things.  If you’re like me, you have a few things you wanted to complete (Pinterest, anyone?) before thanksgiving.  So, go out and do them!

Miss F jumped on board and made hers all by herself.  We used some of my old scrap-booking paper.  Oh, I never mentioned I was an avid scrap-booking from like the 5th grade until my baby girl was about 1 1/2?  Hmmm.  It is a crazy hobby and I’m glad I am now recovered.  For a while there, I would spend hours on only a few pages.  I can’t imagine doing that now.  Anyway, that means I still have a ridiculously large modest amount of scrapbook paper to be used.

All I did was put a dot of black ink down for her to cut towards.  She cut triangles from the paper folded in half.  The triangles were then glued onto the string and left to dry.

Next, we added the embellishments in the form of fabric and fabric flowers.

So, these elusive fabric flowers are super easy to make.  I have tried a few tutorials and never find them to work quite the way I want them to.  The best way I have found to make them is to take a 2 in. wide strip of scrap fabric.  I then fold it in half.  I don’t iron mine the way some crazy people do.  I suppose if you were running a  business, from the flowers turned into jewelry, that would be a great idea.  I, however, am running a tight operation which has a a time budget of, oh, 10 minutes for such a project.  After you fold them in half, you start rolling the fabric from one end.  After a few rolls, secure it with a glue-gun.  At this point, I start twisting the fabric around that secure portion.  It will start to look like a cinnamon bun.  I secure mine with a dot of glue from a glue-gun at each pole (N, S, E, W).  I twist it around and glue continually on the poles until I have reached the last 3/4 in. of the fabric.  Then, I wrap that piece of fabric towards the back are glue it there.

I wrapped some fabric around one side, hung my banner across, and secured a few fabric flowers in a way that made me smile.

Wreath complete!

So, go out and get one before company arrives.  You know you’re crazy like me and go to Joanns for last-minute Thanksgiving projects too, right?

It would make a great hostess gift or a gift for your neighbors.

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