Classic Cocktails: The Presbyterian



(glassware from West Elm)

 This is my favorite drink right now.

I first had it at Craft and Commerce, a local Bar and Eatery that makes the best cocktails in San Diego….no contest.  I simply asked for a bourbon-based cocktail using ginger and this drink is what I got.  Yes, they are that good at C&C that you can have them make drinks to your taste.  After a little Google search, I discovered it was an old-time cocktail that’s been around for a loooong time.  Pretty cool.  I quickly made it, adding my own touch.

I love ginger so very much.  I have served this to many people who don’t prefer bourbon and they still seem to love it.  The ginger beer really mellows the bourbon but doesn’t crush it, which I love.  For my friends who do not like sweet drinks (*waving* Hi, Joanna!), trying adding a bit of lemon juice or use half ginger beer and half club soda.

I think this is a perfectly wonderful drink to bring in the new year with or to have any day, for that matter!

DSC_1291 copy

DSC_1281 copy

DSC_1263 copy

DSC_1294 copy

The Presbyterian

(Bon’s way)

2 ounces of Bourbon

4-6 ounces of ginger beer

4 dashes of bitters, like Angostura

candied ginger, for garnish

Fill a highball glass with ice, then add the bourbon.  Fill the glass almost to the top with the ginger beer and add a few dashes of bitters to the top.  Stir and serve!

Do you have any big party plans?

DSC_1310 copy

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6 comments to Classic Cocktails: The Presbyterian

  • Megan

    Oh I love presbyterians! Apparently I take after my grandma, whose signature drink was Jack and Ginger. I love your addition of bitters, I usually dilute mine with a bit of straight soda to cut the sweetness (depending on the ginger beer).

    • Bon

      Yum! Sounds like a fun Grandma! Yes, I dilute it with club soda and add a little squeeze of lemon for my friends that are not a fan of sweet :) Perhaps I should have added that, haha.

  • Riley

    Love this recipe!! Where are you highball glasses from? They’re adorable.

  • Susie

    I’m a fan of Bourbon, ginger, and Presbyterians, as I are one! So, I think I’ll love The Presbyterian! Is the Ginger Beer the same as Ginger Ale?

    • Bon

      Hi! So glad you like those things ;) Ginger beer is NOT the same. Ginger ale won’t carry through with the super ginger flavor we are going for here. ;) Enjoy!

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