Store-bought flower quick change

This week is teacher appreciation week (why this is right before school gets out and not in the thick of the school-year…i dunno) and Mother’s Day is on Sunday so this is a quick and affordable free (!) little change.

I happen to be prepping some flowers for our newly minted 6 year-old’s birthday party and started twisted the wrappings around (fresh and easy has really great flowers right now, by the way).  I thought it a definite waste to throw away the stuff!!  You know, it’s that delicate paper-y stuff between the plastic outer covering and the flowers themselves.

This –^

My first instinct was to take it upstairs  and make a super fast ruffle (yes, I am that crazy), but I’ve been trying to find ways to cut back on my projects so twisting seemed more appropriate.

I simply wrapped it around and knotted it twice until it was super tight.  Remember that it’s delicate, so be careful not to tear.  I “unpeeled” the pieces of the two ends and they just unfold into the shape of rosettes. You could knot it once and it would work out, mine was just a little long for me.

Short and sweet.

You could throw in these special edition Lily Pulitzer animal crackers for good measure.

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