Link Love + some thoughts of late

I just wanted to share a few things I’m a part of in case you hadn’t heard of them or seen them yet.  I’m making some new things for my site that I’m excited to finally publish!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’m excited to join some new groups and get my info out there.  Check me out over on BlogLovin!

You can also follow my Facebook page here.  I worked REALLY hard to design my iframe and make it ORIGINAL (and me!), so I hope you like it!  It’s very special to me!   I haven’t seen many of these out there in the blogging world yet so I’m excited to be a part of something new!  It’s kind of fun to do something before your friends and favorite bloggers.  Let me know what you think if you haven’t seen it.  While you’re there…press the “like” button :).

If you haven’t been on Pinterest yet, find me here as long as you’re at it.  I have a post on Pinterest coming up since it seems to be getting quite popular.  It’s growing up…sniff sniff.  I started using it a WHILE before anyone had heard of it so don’t let my 1000’s of pins keep you from starting with your first!


<<<area deleted because it was receiving traffic for the wrong reasons.  I would be happy to have anyone here but please be here because you want to be here and care about me and what I think. >>>

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