Today I’m linking up with Life.Rearranged for InstaFriday.  It’s a great way to catch glimpses of your week in phone pictures that aren’t always seen by someone else..

life rearranged

Had a visit to my friend’s house and visited with her and her chickens.  Thanks for the lovely time, friend.


 Read about some bugs with my buddy and hung out with this week’s grasshopper, Wolfgang.


Pool time with the kids and a friend.  I was trying to channel my Grandma in her hat, but she was a very elegant lady and that’s kinda hard to channel.

 Visit to a local bakery for a special “Daddy is on a trip and we need a treat” stop.


 Enjoyed some summer fruit from the farmer’s market.

Shared some canned goods with the farmers who helped grow the food I canned. It’s kinda like a first-fruits thing…


Watched the best 6 year old scrambled-egg maker I know.

Made the first batch of orange marmalade for 2011.   It was the first time I didn’t can with a friend this summer unless one being there for the last 20 minutes counts.   Holla, Lyndsay!

Finally finished my pillows!

Got my little bean to try on his euro swim shorts…hehe.

A book with Grandma before she leaves on a trip.

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