Mr. Pumpkin

I love this picture because it demonstrates a lot of what I’ve been feeling lately.  You might see this pumpkin pirates arm and see strength and determination.  You might see the cute little potted plant and see order and neatness.  When I first look at this picture, I see the pumpkin that had all of his pieces torn out over and over, got rolled down the entryway steps, and then went rotten just a few short days later, making this sight no longer existent.  For the most part, I am a happy person.  When things get bad I don’t usually mention it to many people, I try to move on and focus on the good points if I can.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like this pumpkin.  I feel triumphant in many areas of my life that God has allowed me to grow and learn in.  However, sometimes I feel like I have had my arms torn off and somebody tossed me down the stairs.  I mean that figuratively and literally.  I have 2 boys, ya know.  When I look at this picture for while longer, I see this pumpkin pirate put back together and whole again.  This makes me smile because I know that’s the way God sees me.  Whole.  Even when I am feeling broken, he sees me whole.

Now, I feel pretty thankful.

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