Ninth Day: Printer’s Tray Christmas Display

I’ve had a long-time plan for this drawer.  Besides being a spool/thread holder in the off-season, this big guy provides a variety of options for year-round display.

I finally pinned the pictures I’ve seen over the years on blogs to my Pinterest to a very creatively named board called “printer’s trays“. I like this one for advent which I’d love to do next year, this one for Lego which has long been on the list, one here for jewelry, and one here as an art display.  All quite lovely and I’m excited to keep changing it up.

In the meantime, I threw a few of my vintage treasure up on mine in the form of my Grandma’s ornaments and scrabble tiles.  Next year I hope to swap the tiles for a piece of paper representing each day of December before Christmas.  I like the idea of marking every single day with some sort of action as a family, hopefully selfless actions.

I also like the idea of reminding ourselves all through-out the day of what Christmas is truly about.


…I put ours in a place we walk by every day so we will always remember why it’s called


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