Old to New-chalkboard from an old window

For years, I have been searching for the right size window to make into a chalkboard.  I’ve seen these made many times before, but could never find one that was the right size or even worth not making myself (read: ridiculously overpriced considering the materials and time).  I finally found the perfect one a local salvage shop called Architectural Salvage (San Diegans, I’m sure you have been here as it has been around for a super long time).  I LOVE this place and would adore* having a workshop just to create from the history and craftsmanship that is kept here.  My friend, I was shopping with, actually spotted this after I had finished paying for the contents of a future project (being held up by one misfit vintage screw) and it was perfectly suited for my kitchen wall.  This same friend helped me complete this project :)  It was super-fast and a lot of fun.

*credit to my awesome husband for this great synonym for love to avoid repetition in my sentence.

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