Remember that pillowcase?

I almost forgot to show you what I made out of this vintage pillowcase.  I was going to make a dress and was all set up when I realized the pillowcase was going to be too short for a dress…like WAY short.   Ugh.  I was finally going to make one and I was too late.  Instead, I made something way less cool and just plain practical.  It’s a  bed frame cover for my little guy.  He falls out of bed constantly so I knew it was time.

It turned out, the pillowcase was just the right size.  Trust me, I’ve been sewing a long time and this kind of thing rarely happens.

I just trimmed the end off, finished the ends, and used it for the piece that holds onto the bar.

I just finished it by adding some horizontal stitches for the bars.

No more 2 am wake-ups…at least not for the little bean falling out of bed :) Easy Peasy.

2 comments to Remember that pillowcase?

  • Lindsey

    I didn’t know that the littlest bean fell out of bed! Never really thought of that before. Glad that he now has a stylish way to keep him safe.
    When I saw the beginning of the post I thought that you were going to say you made an apron…

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