The End

This year has not been my favorite.  2011…blech.  Actually, it’s only one of two years which I can distinctly remember not liking (2000 being the other).  A lot of bad things happened this year.  What, you say?  You had no idea?  I don’t tend to talk about negative stuff just as a personal habit to not keep icky things in my thoughts whenever possible.  I have definitely learned, this year, that I need to be more real and try to show weakness to you, friends.  I’m not trying to pretend my life is perfect on paper, I just am not a “dweller”.  In fact, I started this blog, in part, as a distraction from negative things.  When I’m frustrated, I clean…or sew…or bake…or organize my closets.  It’s not the best way to deal with problems but at least it’s productive, right?

This year I have been hurt by friends, been upset by horrible things that happen in this world EVERY DAY, been disappointed in people and myself, felt emotionally and physically weak, watch marriages fall apart around me, said goodbye to friends, thought a lot about my Grandma who isn’t here with us anymore, counseled a lot of people close to me who are have a difficult time,  and then cried over everything I just mentioned along the way.

But, this year I am MOST thankful for our new church.  I finally feel like we have a community of people that we love being with and that share a unique bond.  I am ecstatic about the new buddies Ed and I have both made there.  Mostly, I am excited about the cool things that we can all do together for Jesus.  I finally feel like we are where we are meant to be as a family.

So, 2012.  I am excited for everything awesome you will bring.  I don’t know what kind of year you will be, but I know that God has brought us across some difficult roads to a really cool place that seems way more peaceful.  I can think of 3567 things that were awesome about this last year, even with 3568 things that were bad.

You are faithful, God, and I’m thrilled to see how you use me for your good this year.

p.s. I couldn’t leave the year without one last craft to share.  If you have any boxwood around your neighborhood or any other long greenery, grab that, some green florist’s wire, and some ribbon.  Wrap the wire around the greenery and bend/snap to make your numbers or even letters.  I had planned to make a “J O Y” for Christmas but I got sick so I converted it to “2012”.  Hang each letter with some ribbon or set them on a shelf.  It just took a few minutes!

I kinda like them.

Some people couldn’t help but have a little fun with them, too.

Cheers to you are yours!  Happy Awesome New Year!

2011: The End

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