Twelfth Day: Branch Ornament Display

We have finally come to day 12.  It’s sad, true, but that means it’s Christmas, right?  I almost had to end on day 11 because a nasty cold came over our household.  I even laid down for a bit during daylight hours yesterday which is kind-of a big deal for me.  I’m thankful to just have a cold though, as opposed to the stomach flu or something.  Ick.  I’ve scraped up some late-night energy to bring you this finally piece of Christmas cheer.  It’s my favorite of all 12 days so it would be hard to keep me from sharing it.

I love awesome things that don’t cost anything to make.  This is that kind of project.  I’ve been searching for a way to display my Grandma’s ornaments where my kids can’t throw them around like baseballs accidentally break them.  I saw this pin on the very same day I had already decided I wanted to bring some tree branches in from our dead backyard tree.  So, I screwed in some hooks to the ceiling, attached some fishing line to the branch and then to the hooks, and shortened or lengthened the fishing line until it was the perfect angle for my taste.


I think vintage ornaments are beautiful, don’t you?

This one’s my favorite.  Yellow + polka dots.  What could be better?

I can see myself in this shot.  This reminds me of those string of Ebay pictures that different people took and posted.  The people taking the pictures didn’t realize you could see their reflection and some were naked, hairy, or just weird-looking.  Makes a person think twice before posting a photo.  Random, yes, but still relevant.


I love the mood it sets when we sit down for a meal with it peacefully dangling above us.  It’s a an instant mood-changer.

Have any last-minute Christmas projects your working on?

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