Book Club: The Count of Monte Cristo

montecristoCan’t put this book down!

We are reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” for our book club. I’ve always wanted to read it. If you’ve never read it, DO IT! Long but worth it.

Have any of you read it?!

6 comments to Book Club: The Count of Monte Cristo

  • Jessica H

    Just bought and watched the movie. It’s so good!!! I should read the book :)

  • I love that book. The movie is good too, but with any 1200 page epic, they had to leave some stuff out and change some things, so as always, I love the book more. :) I hope you enjoy it!

  • I love the movie of this! Maybe I should read the book too? what’d you say? =) By the way thanks for sharing this!

  • Erin

    hi! i love reading glimpses into your happy and heartfilled life. we’re working on our kitchen this summer and i keep wondering if your counters are marble in the kitchen, and if so what type of marble and how have they held up? thanks so much, it would be wonderful to get a perspective from someone who cooks so often and has kids!!

    • Bon

      I really need to write about this because i get asked a few times a month ;) I never regret getting the marble. It does stain but a stain looks like a dull spot as opposed to a discoloration. Citrus, vinegar, and other acidic foods will stain but we try to keep them off the marble. Most of our stains are from guests (salsa). We’ve never wanted to overwhelm visitors with our marble sensitivities. haha. If I was to do my kitchen over, I might consider replacing our island with a butcher block and get marble for just the other counters. That is purely for my own laziness though so I wouldn’t have to clear off the chopping block where I preparing all of my food ;) You could also just get a very large chopping block! Hope this helps!

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