The 5 minute hair bow

For those of you who have not yet discovered the ease of creating with felt:

Felt requires no hemming, tweaking, or edge finishing.  It hides a multitude of mistakes and doesn’t demand hours of attention for a successful project.

I had an hour to myself on a lovely (and quite golden)  Sunday afternoon.  My wonderful husband took the kids on a nature walk (I know…yes, he is quite awesome).  I love making things with the kids, but sometimes it’s nice to start and finish a project without glue spilling on an antique chair (yep…whole bottle of Mod Podge.  I couldn’t find the picture), putting paint on our dog’s tail, or just the constant questioning of my technique and whether I’m sure I am doing it the right way (Faith is very creative so she comes up with a LOT of alternatives).

What to make?

  • Faith asked for a red bow for school to make her uniform less boring.
  • I have a lot of extra red felt from a Christmas project I had good intentions for but never started.
  • I’ve been try to find a worthy use for some lace my Grandma gave me.
  • I want to actually finish this for an immediate sense of completion.
  • I just got new Martha Stewart glue I’ve been wanting to test for fabric usage.

The 5 minute red felt hair ribbon with lace was created!

  • Start with a 1 inch wide by 12 inch long piece of felt.
  • Cut a “V” on the ends for the ribbon shape.
  • Put the base of the cut “V” shape at the ends of the hair clip being used.  Secure with glue along both sides until they meet in the middle.
  • Take the remaining  piece of felt from the middle and push down until it forms 2 loops. Glue to felt below.
  • Tightly wrap a piece of lace (or even a piece of the felt) around the middle a few times and cut so the seam is underneath. Glue.


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