Easy Meals.

I get asked A LOT about some easy and quick meal ideas.  Those two words mean something different to each person because there is no way I could cook you the dinner you might be picturing in the time it takes you to go through a drive-thru.  However, clearly if you read my blog you probably cook some, right?  So, I thought I’d show you a snapshot of some of my “quickie” meals and snacks over the last couple weeks.

All of the above pictures were taken on instagram…just a quick snap before we ate of the deliciousness.

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(from top right row across)

  • local grapefruit for breakfast
  • snickerdoodles from Martha Stewart
  • organic tomato soup with caramelized fennel
  • orange liqueur
  • chicken sausage and spinach orecchiette pasta
  • cheese plate with pears and honey
  • toasted pecans
  • brown butter pasta with mizithra cheese (spaghetti factory style)
  • meatless tacos with all the fixings
  • Suzie’s farm awesome broccoli
  • sausage calzones
  • strawberries are here!
  • chinese vegetable fried rice
  • monkey bread
  • pea risotto with sautéed garlic mushrooms (From Harvest to Heat)
  • pre-dice pickles for tuna


life rearranged(linking late but hopefully it’s ok :))

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  • betty

    Thank you for this site. It was wonderful to watch season 4. (well at least episode 1,2 and 3. ) I cannot yet bring myself to watch episode four. I love Anna and 3 made me so very sad. I need a little break. I hope they give some people some happiness. Sybil, Matthew and now Anna tragic time makes my heart unhappy. I need some happiness at Downton.

    then I read your blog and found me some flowery fun things to read and think about. Thank you.

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