A Few Little Fall Finds

1. Honeycomb Earrings from oliveandcocoa.com that I love so very much.

2. Goat’s milk caramels’ from happygoat.com.  These are awesome. Truly.

3. Adorable wicker backpack for picking apples on the weekend or as a very expensive toy picker-upper.  brookfarmgeneralstore.com

4.Madeline Weinrib makes amazing textiles…that is no secret.  madelineweinrib.com

5. Super-cute and cozy looking sweater-cuff boots from urbanoutfitters.com

6. How perfect is this marshmallow roaster? shopterrain.com

7. This camera has been on my wish list for a while.  I do miss film.  lomography.com

This Week:

I feel like I was able to take a deep breath in life this week.  My husband was gone, but it was still a pretty good week.  This was only because God helped me see it that way.  This is a heavy travel time for my husband, mostly because he’s making up for a loss right now that wasn’t his fault.  It’s a tough position for him and it also demands a lot from me.  I don’t really watch TV with the exception of Project Runway and Top Chef, but I was able to watch the entire Mad Men series on netflix while he’s been gone.  That a crazy lot of episodes.  When my little buddy was crying this week , I was remembering what I said when he was a newborn babe in my arms.  I told myself, no matter what, that I would take the time to cuddle him while I could and kiss his tears away.  Someday he will smell like BO and will ask me what’s for dinner.  My sweet girl is ridiculously distracted by birds during school.  True, I created this monster by introducing her to the Audubon books, but it’s kind-of a problem.  I’ve learned to help it by stopping for bird breaks in exchange for focus.  It kinda works.  My middle guy is constantly telling me I don’t play with him which is completely not true because I build him a Lego set (sometimes the same one every day) every morning before school.  It still hurts my people-pleasing heart to hear those words but all I can do is my best.  It seems that I am constantly hearing, “Let’s get together”.  No, it’s not the song from “The Parent Trap”, it’s people that I care about who need a friend.  I love and care about each one of my friends, but it’s so hard to have really good connections with people when you only see them every now and then.  I can only have so many people over, ya know?  We do so love to entertain, but it would be nice to take a break every now and then and be the company ;)  It is great to see them when I can and this week I got to see quite a few.  So, you see, at the end of the week, we can only do our best, every day, to pick out the things that gave us the most joy instead of the most pain.  Sometimes my best feels like a failure, but this week God gave me the peace that it was enough and I am so very thankful for that.

28 is looking pretty good so far.  Oh yeah, it was my birthday this week.

Another bright side to life: I’m thankful to still be in my 20’s a bit longer…

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