Orange is a beautiful color, not just because it is nice to look at, but because it is a glowing representation of the air turning cooler.  When I grew pumpkins last year, it was fun to see how the chill actually does make the difference between a pumpkin that is a dull orange and one that is a bright orange.  It’s like the chill gives it a little fall glow.

I like to go to this little pumpkin patch near our house every year because it’s the closest thing to a country scene as you can get in the middle of a city.  We tried out a new one last year with Miss F’s Kindergarten class called Oma’s, but it was sooo far away and basically in another city.  It was a cute little place with an awesome cottonseed hill for the kids to slide down.   We got an invite again this year but it was so warm  and last year the other parents were MIA, pretty much like every other field trip, so we opted for a local family trip.  The kids always want to go for the parking lot set-up with the little ferris wheel and flashing lights.  I’m pretty old-fashioned about stuff like this so chances are they won’t see me driving up to one of those places.

silly girl

When there is no pumpkin class being taught, it’s a great place to hop about.

He found out it ate leaves and was pretty thrilled.

This is so true to his character.  One minute he’s here, the next he’s off to find trouble.

Love my sweet girl.

Everyone needs coffee for a walk in a corn maze.

We found this little Acrea moth caterpillar in the maze.   We took him home and checked out his stats a bit.  He also went on the hayride.

The haze is setting in at this point.

This sweet man in the yellow shirt has been at this pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm for as long as I can remember.

I love that.

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