Dressing Up

 The week before Halloween, Miss F would have told you she was going to be a beautiful monarch butterfly.  Then I made the mistake of saying under my breath that a “Mighty Macs” costume would have been cute.  Note that I said “would have been”.  However, I looked into the eyes of the girl who thoroughly enjoyed going to Philadelphia for the premier of  “The Mighty Macs” (read about it here), copied movie advertisements to hand out to strangers (was upset we didn’t walk her to the grocery to hand them out), asked to call all of her friends to come see the movie, was doing basketball drills in the front yard, and now wants to be a basketball coach just like her Gram.

So, I said yes.

Thank goodness for the world series.  I made it on a night when my husband had a buddy over and I just went for it for a few hours.  I just traced a pattern from an old jumper.  I couldn’t see a great picture of what these uniforms looked like in the 70’s, so matching the pleats was tough.  I only see the hemline I didn’t bother ironing out of haste and also laziness.  She doesn’t notice it though and I need to remember that.


Future basketball coach.


He was pretending to be in a bad mood but I only saw cuteness.

Protector or villain?


Little D pretty much wears this every day so this day wasn’t too different for him.


The bunch.


My annual picture with the kiddos for my birthday….with a China man’s hat.  It’s very necessary.  They kinda look confused, though.

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