Cocktail: Grapefruit Collins + kid version

If you follow me on Instagram, you are not a stranger to one of my favorite drinks of late (cheers to you, Lizzy and Hannah!).  I love citrus because it makes me happy and relaxed.  It doesn’t hurt that the colors are just lovely.  I started making this drink because I saw my friend post a picture of one whilst at Craft & Commerce, one of my favorite restaurants here in San Diego.  At the time, I was alone at home while my husband was traveling for his business.

 I saw it.

I wanted it.

I made it.

In California, citrus grows year-round, but winter is when the stores are overflowing with it.  I’ve still been seeing tons of grapefruits around so I’ve been buying about 2 large bags a week.  That’s a crazy amount of these guys, but I’ve been searching for the super red centered ones, with no success.  I’ve tried 6 different varieties from a few different places.  Although, I’ve only been trying the organics…maybe the red ones are floating around in the non-organic produce section.  Either way, these pink ones I found at our local farmer’s market are begging for a Spring afternoon drink!

Gin is one of my favorite drink additions because it has such a great herb-y characteristic that suits so many juices and syrups.

This vintage shaker is one of my favorite estate sale finds of all time!

Grapefruit Collins

2 oz grapefruit juice, strained

1/2 oz lemon juice, strained

1 oz simple syrup

2 oz Gin

club soda

Mix all but the club soda in a shaker with ice.  Pour over ice into a highball (or a glass of your choice) and top with the club soda.

Straws can be found here at this lovely shop.

Kid or alcohol-free version:

double everything and remove the gin :)

My kids get a thrill out of these special drinks and the bonus for their little bodies is the fresh-squeezed fruit-juice.

This is my favorite place to enjoy this kind of drink with friends or even just with my favorite person in the world that I happen to share a room and blessed life with :)

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