Camper Crayons

My little buddy and I decided crayons in the shape of a camper would give his 4th birthday party an extra touch of awesomeness.  I immediately ordered the only camper mold (super good deal) I could find.  What I didn’t expect was this project to be one of the most relaxing, child-involved projects I’ve done TO THIS DAY.
Start with any chocolate mold or even the synthetic rubber ice cube trays from IKEA would work.

Now the fun part.  What phrase is always said while kids are using crayons? 

“Please, don’t peel the paper off”. 

How cool would you be to say, “Please, take the paper off of all 64 of these crayons”?  Very Cool.

They did this for 45 lovely minutes and never fought once.  We had a great chat about our favorite colors.

Any method is acceptable. Boots are optional.

These crayons are non-toxic.

I love them.

Leonard caught between his morning nap and mid-morning nap.

Melt desired colors in microwave and pour in the mold.  My molds were not microwave safe. Leave them to set for 20 min on the counter or put them in the freezer to speed up the process.

My molds were a little big but I would definitely try this again with smaller molds and my stash of crayon nubs.

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