Pattern Review: Little Things to Sew…Explorer Vest

Oh. my.

I am melting.

He has his daddy’s curls and dimple.  That’s the same dimpled smile that made my fall in love with his daddy.

This little guy, Dean, is the youngest of my 3.  When you’re the youngest, you often get the hand-me-downs and the cats-offs.  I wanted to make this guy something special that was brand spankin’ new.  I’ve had Liesl Gibson‘s book, Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew, since it first came out last Spring.  The week after I got it, I cut this explorer vest out and quickly got distracted by my kid’s birthday parties and then other crazy projects.  A few weeks ago, I got the pattern back out again and was determined to get it done.  Sometimes patterns can seem like they will take more time than you might have (true in a LOT of cases which is why I don’t use them a much), but this one took me only a few hours.  I did a little bit over 2 nights.  If you are a lazy iron-er (*raising my hand*), you will have to suck it up for this project.  The iron makes or breaks this vest and if you leave it out you risk the sometimes feared “Did you make that?” question from strangers.  Nobody wants that.

For my fabric, I chose a kind of linen blend for the exterior which i got from one of my favorite fabric resources, Hart’s Fabric.  It is a heavier fabric and will hopefully wear well for a 3 year-old boy.  For the lining and the exterior pockets, I chose one of my very favorite fabrics from Heather Ross.  I spent way too much a wee bit of money for this camper fabric a few years ago, as it was out of print, and I’ve been hoarding it ever since.  I’m learning that I’d much rather see my favorite fabrics floating around on things I’ll see every day that will be well-loved, than just stare at them in my fabric stash.

Putting it to good use already.  That’s all a mother could ask for.

2 comments to Pattern Review: Little Things to Sew…Explorer Vest

  • Lois

    Bonnie..the pictures of Dean are adorable. What a fun vest, and it looks like he couldn’t be any happier with it on, ready for a day of adventure and exploring. Summer Joy found the family Christmas photo of you all on my desk and has been walking around with it this week talking about “her friends”. Love you and miss you. Lois

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