Mr. Walrus and friends

These Snowy Egrets are so beautiful when the wind blows through their feathers.

I am so thankful to be in a city with more things to do and see than we have time for.  I can appreciate this, greatly, having lived in a desert city in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.   Let’s just say, going to Target was a thrill and pretty much all Ed and I did in the city was watch movies at the 1 good theater.  When Starbucks went in, you would have thought it was Disneyland.  Thank you, Marine Corps. :)

Now, I take full advantage of  our beloved city, San Diego.  Homeschooling means we can use even more of it.  While other kids are in the classrooms behind desks, we are able to see and touch what we’ve learned in many surrounding places.  A few weeks ago, we got to go to the Homeschool day at Sea World.  Pretty cool of them to give us a special day, if you ask me.  It was pretty cool to see all of the families walking around and exploring.  You couldn’t help but feel the love these Moms have for their kids and the excitement that we all GET to teach our kids like this every day.

Some of our fun…

 These Snowy Egrets are so beautiful when the wind blows through their feathers.

 California Sea Lion

 Pacific Walrus

Sea Star

4 comments to Mr. Walrus and friends

  • Jamie Conner

    Hey Bonnie,
    Are you apart of the home school support group in Chula Vista??

    • Bon

      Yes, Jamie! I meet with home-school friends every Wednesday at the park, go on nature hikes with some of those same friends, do field trips, and other fun things. Next year I think I am joining a home-school charter for 1 day a week :)

  • HI! So so glad I found you, what a beautiful blog you have here, I really love it a lot, I’ll be around here for sure:)

    Cute pictures, what a fun time, that starfish is amazing, God’s creation blows my mind…


  • Meg

    visiting aquariums is still one of my favorite activities, loved them when i was younger and still love them. that is really cool sea world had a homeschool day

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