Loving Now…some links

Just thought I’d share some things I’ve been enjoying lately (some you probably saw on Instagram, if not find them here) and also some things I’d like to try…

I was pleased to hang out with some wonderful ladies at the Creative Connection Event here in San Diego, hosted by Jessica and Marissa at Isari Flower Studio.  Connect here to get updates for these fab events in your area.

More recently, I was able to watch a summer entertaining demo by the fabulous duo, Valley & Co. (easy summer drink from them here) at West Elm.  I picked up a fabulous juicer, which I already used to make strawberry lemonade this last weekend. Yum. I also got to see the ladies of Flamingo Toes and We Love Citrus. Nice to see you guys!

Need to get those little kiddos to work?  Ashley’s chore charts are pretty perfect.

Just bumped a project up to the top of my list.  This west elm DIY log stool is awesome!!

I can’t wait to get chickens and Julia Rothman’s book is making it harder to wait.

Loving these hoops for sale in Megan‘s shop here.  Love them.  Totally my style.  Check out her whole fabulous shop while you’re there.  If I had a shop (soon!), it would looks like hers.  Lovely job, Megan :)

This post by Ruth really resonates with me and has been on my mind A LOT.  I’ve lost friends to the black hole that social media is.  Hint: relationships are meant to include ACTUAL people, as much as I really love my online friends. Don’t forget about your LIVE friends :).

For San Diegans’: Tried Banker’s Hill Restaurant and Bar this week.  The deviled eggs  were INCREDIBLE, as was the goat cheese and spiced strawberry bruschetta. Michelle, at the bar, can make a good cocktail.  She made me a lovely drink with a blend of whiskey and vanilla flavors.  So good.

Foot pain? Blister easily? I am thrilled to have a possible solution to my foot/nerve pain with this new Dr Scholl’s high heel product!  I get to be a product tester with this one for BzzAgent (been with them for like 7 years!) :)

Have YOU seen anything good lately?

1 comment to Loving Now…some links

  • Carrie Fife

    Good Morning Bon,

    Ok, I am loving your Blog! Great tips and fun. I am interested in your note about foot pain and blistering easily…that would be me! Tell me how your test went with Dr Scholl’s new product.

    Here’s to oh so comfy tootsies! :)


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