Pet Pigs

We are a family of  9 now!






Leonard the Pug

Peter, Figueroa, and Woody the guinea pigs! *NEW*

We are 10 if you count the worm family in our compost bin.

11 if you count the rotating lizard or beetle member.

I had guinea pigs growing up, all the way as late as high school.  They were wonderful pets and I was so excited to share these amazing animals with my kids one day.  While my middle and oldest went to Las Vegas with my husband to be with their grandparents while he worked, my youngest and I devised a plan to get some guinea pigs.  I’ve been searching on our local guinea pig rescue site for a solid year and RARELY saw babies.  As you can imagine, when they did appear, they got snatched up.  Frustrating.  I’ve also been checking Craigslist but the rare ones i did find were snatched as well.  So, when I texted the people looking for a home for 3 adorable short-haired baby guinea pigs, I assumed they were gone in 60 seconds.  So, I said a little prayer.  No, I really really did.  I said a prayer for some guinea pigs.

I thought the timing was perfect for these little guys and thankfully, so did God.

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