Travel: San Onofre State Beach

Soooo…we tried a new campsite this year.  As you drive down the 5 South toward San Diego, you will notice a rather obscure campsite off to the right-hand side, near Camp Pendleton.  It’s inconveniently placed near the San Onofre power place.  Yes, those are the ones that are shaped like boobs.  It’s true.  Everyone knows it.  We had driven by this site a lot over the past few years and wondered how good it might be.  You see, this campsite is right next to the beach which is AMAZING, but it’s also right next to the freeway.  Unfortunately, the  closeness to the beach doesn’t remove the noise from the freeway.  I was hoping it would, but it doesn’t.  We still enjoyed a nice few days with some friends and family.  If you plan for some noise, it’s a great place for surfing and boogie-boarding.

Good Times.


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