(all photos above are with my iPhone 4s)

September brought:

a  lovely photo shoot with a friend

Nutcracker Auditions (She made it!)

the season of brussel sprouts

turning in our leased car (bye bye Mercedes) means driving my husband to and from his work this week

birthday donuts for the 4 year-old

birthday cupcakes…the dark ones, of course (chocolate)

meerkat birthday celebration with friends

putting our house on the market and cleaning like crazy people every day for house showings

first days of fall mean gingersnaps

local Bonitafest and supporting our congressional candidate

tailgating for the Jason Mraz concert and then getting to see Florence + the machine for $20 the next week

reading with guinea pigs

trying a new evening church service so we could enjoy some good family time in the morning

Happy Fall, friends!

What are you looking forward to?

(comment below)

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