Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Faces from Duct Tape


How many of you like pumpkins?  Yeah, me too.

Carving them?  Some of you?  Not my thing.

Do you like messes?  Yeah, I don’t either.

Do you like to do fall decorating projects with your kids?  Totally!

That’s why you’re reading this, right?

So, basically I created this project to be a fall activity, to do with your kids, which is not messy, still involving a pumpkin (although it is not being carved), and can still be used as a decoration.


To start, become familiar with what will be your new friend….DUCT TAPE.  We all love it and use it regularly.  I recently repaired my central vac hose with it,  “fixed” the bottom of my computer so it wouldn’t fall off, and put board game boxes back together with it.  It is an amazing invention and I am so very grateful to Johnson & Johnson for creating cloth backed tape in WWII days (yes, I totally googled that).

The brand Duck has since turn this remarkable product into something beautiful as well.  There are so many designs and colors to pick from so run out and grab some so you can start some projects, including these pumpkins.  While you are on their site, check out the amazing contest they are having right now.  You could design the next Duct Tape!

No-Carve pumpkin decorating with Duct tape:

I based my designs on a template I printed from Merrilee over at the always lovely Mer Mag blog (best wishes with the new bebe!).  She has a post on creating felt pumpkins with interchangeable faces and pieces.  You can find her template here, which can be used as a starting point for this project and you can also use to make her felt pumpkins.

I placed strips of duct tape on parchment paper so they would be easier to cut.  I just learned you can also buy duct tape sheets which would save this step.  Then, I drew the shapes from the template plus my own.  You could also cut out the template pieces and then place them on top of the tape so you can trace them if that’s easier. I added a few bird pieces (for Jack who requested it), a pearl necklace, some girl hair, a mustache, and some curly hair for Dean (also, by request).  Cut the shapes out and remove the parchment paper backing.

The faces are very easy to take off and move around as you please!

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