How to watch Downton Abbey Season three in the U.S.!

Have you been watching?

No, I’m not talking about a show about dancing celebrities or some other kind of show where you watch celebrities apparently live “reality” as a housewife in the Orange County region of Los Angeles.  What could it be then?  Well, if you haven’t heard, a few of us Americans have transported ourselves into the early 20th century.  We have started drinking tea regularly,  added the words “quite” and “indeed” to our every day conversations x 2, become consumed with what Anna and Mr. Bate’s lives are going to look like with the recent changes in their lives, wondered if Lady Mary is EVER EVER EVER going to get married, and anticipated the next curious and hilarious thing the Dowager Countess is going to say.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and consider yourself a lover of all period dramas, keep reading.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about and are looking for a new series to watch, keep reading.

If you have been an AVID follower of Downton Abbey until the end of season 2 and are eagerly anticipating season 3, keep reading.

Well, everyone…

Season 3 is here!

That is, season 3 is happening right now in the UK and all of us in America have to wait for the premiere in January 2013.


You want me to wait until 2013?

No, you don’t really have to wait.

I’m thankful to have found such a wonderful source for watching in the U.S.!

Go to my A Golden Afternoon facebook page to get updates for new episodes.  Thanks to, we have choices!

Season 3 is here!

Links are below…


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20 comments to How to watch Downton Abbey Season three in the U.S.!

  • Oh this is wonderful! I thank you but my house-work looks on you with a wary eye ha. I wonder if it is possible that you could post the links to future episodes? I can’t seem to check the page without having a facebook account, which I don’t. Sad day.

  • Mary Paul

    These links made my day! Eager for Ep 5!

  • Kika

    Yeah! Love DA; just watched seasons 1 and 2 from the library and was sad I’d have to ‘forever’ to see season 3;)

  • Tiffany Miller

    Hurray for you and Downton Abbay!!! Love you both and thanks soooo much! :)

  • Danielle

    Why is the Christmas SPecial not from this year, but from last year?? I can’t find it anywhere!! Can you get your hands on the season 3 2012 christmas special please!!!!

  • Amy

    Thank you, thank you!!! Now to get a free kidless moment to myself… :)

  • MamaB

    Thank you! I watched them…what a heavy and sad way to end…when is the next season? Do you know? Is this the one that airs now and we really have to wait for months for it to continue?

    • Bon

      Season 4 doesn’t air in England until next fall :( The links here are the season currently premiering in the U.S.! I’m so sad it’s over and I’m not sure hpw i even feel about watching it about this season. sheesh!

  • Lisa

    Do you know why episode 5 doesn’t load all the way in the links? It took forever to load in the first place and then it didn’t play the whole thing. I’m sad.

    • Bon

      Did you try again? It worked for me. The links will load based on how many people are watching at the time! Let me know if is still doesn’t work!

  • Zakary Borgia

    I’m extremly young yet I have such enthusiasm about good ol downton. I personally would like to thank you for sharing these episodes with the public.its sad to say that now a days many people only want to watch Celebrity’s cast off singers or dancers while the safistaeted few watch downton abbey . Once again I would like to thank you so much. P.S the videos aren’t quit playing and I was wondering if you need an amazon account . Well the tea is on the kettle & I have to fetch me some thank you again & bless your heart