Travel: Sea World


Sometimes it’s just nice to escape cleaning your room and doing your math worksheet to just enjoy what nature has to offer.  God has given us so many awesome, intricate, hilarious, and inspiring animals to look at in this world.  At Sea World San Diego, homeschoolers are very welcome.  They give us a special day, a few times a year, to roam around for $6 (amazing!) and soak in the wonders.  I’m so thankful for opportunities like this for my kiddos…and I kinda have fun too.  Check the site to see if they offer it in your area and check here for San Diego dates and info!  You’ll love it!

This time, we had a little foster girl with us who ended up staying with us for a month.  Seeing her face light up with all of  her new discoveries was amazing.  It was a little rough to take all 4 by myself, considering this sweet little girl knows no boundaries, but I’m glad I took her.  One of my favorite moments was when she stood eye to eye with a dolphin after a lady showed her how she calls the dolphins over.  Apparently, this lady is a frequent visitor of these mammals so they recognize her.

 So sweet.






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