Fourth Day: Sphere Of Christmas

So00, this week the kids and I attempted to make snow-globes.  We all know the kind that is made in the baby food jar, the tomato sauce jar, or the ever so fabulous mason jar.  A month ago, while at the craft store, I happened upon some super-cool looking plastic snow-globes which had my 3 munchkin’s names written all over them.  They claimed to be “shatter-proof” which is appealing because what kids wants to just stare at a glass jar.  why not have a little fun?  This week we broke them out, picked out our animals and trees (and Lego men!) to put inside, and waited for the glue to dry.  After we filled them up with water they worked for about 5 minutes but slowly each glued item began floating to the top.  We were bummed!  The glue just wouldn’t adhere to the plastic.  The upside is that it led us to something that I love more.  It’s a spin on this Pinterest pin.  You can find the “spheres” in my pictures at West Elm for $8!

These spheres of Christmas…





They might not be able to shake them and watch the snow fall, but they certainly will enjoy seeing them fly through the air like a Christmas bubble.

This doesn’t mean I have given up on the snow globes.  I have mine in the mason jar that is just fine.

We’ll have another go at the kids jars…minus the plastic globe.

Don’t forget to post your Christmas Pinterest pictures…

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