Rubber Duckie Race

Miss F’s school had a golf marathon fundraiser  recently.  The kids got to do a rubber duck race where they sold a ticket to correlate to each duck.  The ducks “raced” (read bobbed with a little help from the wind) and the winning duck owner and seller won a lovely prize.  The participation was pretty lame, but Miss F enjoyed the process and also meeting new neighbors because of it.  Turns out, she won the prize for most tickets sold!  My first thought was how awesome it was because she worked hard and my second thought was how a kindergartener could beat out everyone else.  Wha?  I guess the other duck sellers needed a pep rally or something.  In any case, Miss F took a trip to Target this week to get her prize…a barbie scooter.  What else could a 6 year-old girl ask for?


This would have been perfect if not for the smudge on the left side…erg…little fingers.

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