The importance of a date

Spending time with my kids alone is really important to me.  Faith and I got to spend a much needed day together when Ed took the boys camping until the next day (we lost a day because there was snow in the mountains and it was apparently too cold for tent camping. whatever).  We had so much fun together doing whatever we wanted and it was so nice to wake up in our own house without those crazy boy noises.  I’m so glad she was up for it after what happened a  few weeks ago.

We ate:

Extraordinary Desserts Lunch

(cheese tray, house-made kettle chips and caramelized onion

dip, blackberry lemonade)

Cereal for dinner

ice cream for dessert

Craft & Commerce Brunch

(chicken and waffles for me, smoked salmon plate for her…a fav)

farmer’s market samples

We went:

Becka Automotive to fix our car

thrift store to pass time

Point Loma Lighthouse


The Shine Project‘s beach clean-up

Little Italy farmer’s market (got some awesome spring onion and leeks)

Bottlecraft for some fresh IPA’s and a few other random beers

The French Garden Shoppe for some wood conditioner for my chopping block and spoons

The art gallery of  Jacqueline Lavenu for a lovely peek at her work and some excellent conversation.  Faith got to see her studio and creative space :)

Architectural Salvage to see the always smiling face of Enrique and to score a few treasures.

Target for some candy and some summer kid’s tanks while they were $5.

We listened:

The Parent Trap…one of her favorite movies apparently.  She’s getting so big :/

 The Hunger Games soundtrack with our fav Safe & Sound. I’m EXTREMELY disappointed the soundtrack wasn’t in the movie at ALL…not one song. Lame.

So thankful to have time with all of my kids alone before they grow up and forget how much Mom loves them.

5 comments to The importance of a date

  • I couldn’t agree more. Time with each kid is important. As my kids get older, I’ve realized how important just spending time alone with my kids helps me to know who they really are. Hopped over from the UBP–so nice to meet you. I love the design of your blog and have enjoyed clicking around your blog.

  • Kids grow so fast. Before they know it, they have grown. Enjoy them while they are young. Visiting from UBP.

  • You are so right…those one on one times with your kids are so important. I really need to get better about making them happen. I love how you have documentd your special day together!

    {ps…your space is absolutely lovly as well! Gorgeous! So glad IG has brought us together!}

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