Colour Lovers

I have been very inspired by the color palettes floating around the blogs right now.  I have figured out a few websites over the last few months  that allow you to make them but,  ultimately, I would have to pay $ to upgrade to the right adobe program or similar program.  Since I didn’t pay the extra smackers, I just made my own.  I don’t have the fancy color hash marks on it but you get the idea.  Each photo or even just things you look at out your window will jump out to a person in different ways.  These colors are simply the ones that jumped out at me when I took this picture of my roses.  Aren’t they lovely?

I did find one site which has a cute little community, which is called Colour Lovers.  Colors or Colours, to borrow from the British and French, have always been something I love to play around with and this is the perfect place to do it.

Design Seeds is another for great color eye candy.  Just.plain.loveliness.

Now for some other pictures of my flowers.  I can’t get enough of this color!

New Beginnings: Piano Lessons

I did a full piano detail last week in preparation for these lessons.  I took apart and cleaned pieces I didn’t know came apart.  Although we use it, I was trying to make us look less like piano-owning losers our new piano teacher comfortable.  I might have found a few things hiding in there.

It has only been 2 lessons but Faith is thrilled with Miss Anna. If you are looking for some lessons, check out  I was impressed with the process of finding a teacher.  They give you the full background of all of the teachers, what kinds of lessons they offer, and their availability.  Cool, huh?  The company is based here in San Diego and even called after I started the process in case I had any questions.

Cocktail: Blood Orange Margarita

Hello, Summer.  You have been quite lovely of late.  You are lovin’ on my garden with sweet sun kisses and my tomatoes and strawberries  are therefore becoming more awesome  every day.  If you could just slow down a little that would be great, too.  

Blood Orange Margarita

(adapted from Mix Shake Stir by Danny Meyer’s-love this book!)

1  1/2 oz Tequila

3/4 oz Orange Liqueur

3/4 oz Lemon juice

3/4 oz Lime juice

3/4 oz blood orange juice

2 oz simple syrup


salt, flakes (I used kosher because that’s all I had)

slice of blood orange for garnish

Run a lime around the rim of the glass and dip in salt.  Add all ingredients to your shaker with ice. Shake for a few then pour in your glass.  Add garnish and hand over to a friend with a smile.

Day of Independence

I have definitely been guilty of being too irritated by the amount of laws we have in our country regulating everything (it seems) in our lives.  Thomas Jefferson’s words are an awesome reminder to me that there are many who have lost homes, land, and even their own lives because they do NOT have these laws.  We live in a land of plenty.  There is even hope that something even better is on the horizon, because we have the ability to change things with our words, our votes, and our prayers.  I think those who are suffering in a country with no freedoms always have prayer, but where would OUR faith be if we were in their shoes (or lack thereof) and weren’t allowed to pray?

We had a very lovely 4th of July yesterday.  I love being in groups where there are many different conversations.  Some are serious and life-changing while others are humorous or the kind you tweak your head at as you walk by.  All are good and necessary for any group of friends.  I love people who will hug you even though they just met you that day.  I love people who feel comfortable enough to knit at a party.  I love having babies around again, that are not my own to wake me up in the middle of the night…and that I don’t have to run upstairs to breastfeed them mid-party anymore.

I’m thankful for…

Sweet little girls.  Isn’t she absolute cuteness?

A boy who shared pool toys he wouldn’t dream of sharing with his siblings.

A cute little baby to watch.

She liked my necklace.  Time will tell if she likes the lady wearing it.

A new patio set and friends to break it in.

New friends and also people who give Leonard the pug love.

A yard to play baseball in.

Great storytellers.

Blueberry and strawberry mojitos to sip by the fire.

A full tummy.

The only shot of food I got.  Key Lime pie.

I hope you were able to reflect on the freedoms you are thankful for and that you still get goosebumps too when you hear the “Star Spangled Banner”.

Happy 235, America!

Kids + pizza

Kids love pizza.  This is no secret.  What kids love more than pizza is their own personal pizza.   They can have something and make it all theirs.  You can learn a lot about a kid by what they put on their pizza.

2-year-old fingers can’t resist poking dough.

In my experience, when kids touch and help make their food (and grow it!), they are more likely to eat it.  I also think it helps them form good habits of cooking, which will hopefully stay with them when they need to feed themselves.

Our go-to toppings:




red onions



grilled chicken




roasted garlic

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a tomato sauce fan, but i think the garlic with olive oil brings this one home for the team.

Pizza Dough:

Use Alton Brown’s recipe found here.  I like it because everything is in the bowl at the same time which is easy enough for everyone.  I use 1/2 T salt instead of the full T.   You can get away with letting it rise for a few hours or try it the full amount of time he states if you want the best results.  I make it an hour before….all.the.time.


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