Handmade Holiday: Valentine’s Day

love2  We all have our own love language. Mine is acts of service…from what I’m told.  If I had to pick my own category, it would be thoughtfulness.  I know, that’s not one of the given categories, but I’m not really a fan of categorizing myself like that so I’m making my own.  I just really love thoughtfulness.

 I loved it recently when my friend made a kit of lovely things to help me during a cold.

 I love it when my husband does the dishes when I’m least expecting it.

 I love it when my mom pulls out a vintage treasure from her “stash” right when I need it.

I love it when my kids ask if there’s anything they can do to help.

I love it when my sister bring down cookies when she visits.

I love it when someone spends time making something with their hands.


I put together a little collection of things I feel would be thoughtful gifts for your love ones on Valentine’s day from things I’ve made in the past.

love //Cook a nice dinner with roasted red beets as a side dish.  They will add gorgeous color to your table.//

//Make a fabric flower using the wrappings from your store-bought bouquet.//

//Make a heart “LOVE” banner for a loved one or teacher.//

//Bring a nice cup of tea and some Grapefruit Tea Cookies to that special someone in need of a few moments of peace.//

//Create a hanging heart mobile on a branch to spread some smiles//

What fun things are you making for Valentine’s?

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